Introduction of Install false eyelashes and remove false eyelashes

Introduction of Install false eyelashes and remove Mink Eyelash

Installation steps Mink Eyelash:
Eyelash curler with their own eyelashes to clip a folder, who do not want to stick to a double , very scary. First with the scissors to trim false eyelashes, make it to adapt to the length of their own eyes, the standardized production of wool certainly can not fit everyone’s eye type, you can put false eyelashes in the mirror on the eyes. Glue Mink Eyelash.

Use tweezers to prevent the hand shaking, do not to let the glue run on the eyelashes. Wait half a minute to one minute, at which time the glue will become translucent. Tie it up with tweezers and keep it as close as you can to the root. (Posted below the real eyelashes will be more natural) to start a slight adjustment, pay attention to eyes and eye tail to fit. The last step, enjoy.

After the installation, you can paint eyeliner, p

Mink Eyelash Factory
Mink Eyelash Factory

ay attention to fill the roots of false eyelashes. You can also brush mascara according to your mood, let true eyelashes and false eyelashes blind together.
It should be noted when take off your make-up, do not pull the fake eyelashes with violence, pull a few times you become non-ciliary body.

Remover steps Mink Eyelash:

Soak a piece of cotton pad with eye and lip remover Mink Eyelash.

Like a panda Apply on the eyes. Wait ten seconds. At this time the glue has softened slowly, you can gently take off the false eyelashes. If false eyelashes are expensive, clean the glue and the makeup ,put back on the box for next time use.

Quick eye makeup remover, specifically for sensitive parts of the eye, very gentle, does not stimulate the skin. When used must remember to moisten the cotton pads for a few seconds, take it easy, do not violent Mink Eyelash.

The best way to apply the strip lashes to your eye is to first put on any makeup you’ll be wearing except mascara. Then use a pair of tweezers to stick the false eyelash onto your eyelid, center first. The tacky glue should make this easy. Then simply push the outer and inner corners onto your lid as well. If you’ve used white glue, you may have to touch up your makeup to hide any shiny patches or gaps in the lashes. If you’ve used the black glue, there shouldn’t be a need for adding more makeup. Finally, gently squeeze the false eyelashes into your false eyelashes with your fingers and then add mascara and you’re good to go Mink Eyelash!

To remove false eyelashes and clean false eyelashes of your eyes or tools, just use some make-up remover on a cotton pad and soak the eye or tool for a few seconds before wiping off 3D Eyelashes Mink Eyelash.

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